*Independent project


When we are in a new city and want to explore, we commonly search the web. We dig through endless blog pages, city sites, and even ask for suggestions on Facebook. Not only is this time consuming, but it takes away from the actual exploring and adventure.


Local Tangent is an app that consolidates everyone's favorite outdoor adventure, into one place. No more digging through pages, questioning the source, or wasting more time behind a device. Local Tangent is a community where people share their favorite "off the beaten path" places that may not be considered well-known to the general public. Get out and explore your local tangent.

TEST THE APP   (See mobile mock-up)

This is InVision. If you aren't familiar, this is a tool that allows you to click through an app, as you would if you were holding the phone in the palm of your hand. There are designated click spots to give the viewer a thorough chronological understanding of how the app works. If you aren't clicking in the correct designated area, a blue overlay will appear in the desired spot.