*Independent Project


At a place like a grocery store, we find ourselves trying to remember where each item is, and at what point to retrieve them. We make a mental map in our head. Being the flawed humans we are, we forget where items are located, and end up walking back to the other side of the store.


We like efficiency. Cart Path allows you to input your items beforehand, as you would with any other shopping list app. Once you are ready to shop, select your location, and Cart Path generates the quickest and most time-efficient path so you never have to run to grab your forgotten item while leaving the line waiting ever again.

TEST THE APP   (See mobile mock-up)

This is InVision. If you aren't familiar, this is a tool that allows you to click through an app, as you would if you were holding the phone in the palm of your hand. There are designated click spots to give the viewer a thorough chronological understanding of how the app works. If you aren't clicking in the correct designated area, a blue overlay will appear in the assigned spot.